Asian Suck Dolls

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Yuri hate his life. Today, all day, I look at pictures, pictures and more pictures. Boss say to me ‘Yuri, get 50 of best pictures from Asian Suck Dolls website.. and Yuri, I mean the best. I want to pop wood when I see, you understand? If no wood I make you do lady boy site next.’ Yuri’s boss old man, he’s the type who has to see his pharmacist before every date. You wonder why you get so much of those ‘buy v1agr4’ emails? Is because man like my boss make these guys good business so they dont stop send. So Yuri not want look lady boy so is on hard mission. All day I have look and look at pictures from Asian Suck Dolls website. Is very hard job. So you can understand why Yuri so hard time. All those sexy Thai lady getting their face cover in the jizz bomb, such hard life I have. Tomorrow boss says if I do good I do Cream Pie Thais. This is the life of Yuri, so hard. Is my sarcasm the obvious there ;) ;) P.S. Don’t tell boss it was easy job, so many nice picture to choose, so many pretty girl at Asian Suck Doll.


  1. Yo whos the chick in the first picture? The one with the amazing ass I want to make babies in.

  2. Hey i think your blog is good! I found it on Yahoo i think i will come back one day.